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It's difficult to say what the next hot topics in journalism are going to be, but we believe that our profession will have to overcome a VVV challenge: Voice, Video, and Visual Journalism. How will voice assistants disrupt the way we consume news? How are newsrooms getting ready to work with Facebook Live and Netflix? How will AR experiments help us find new ways of telling stories? The GEN Summit 2019 will focus on tackling these topics, and more, in June 2019 in Lisbon Portugal.
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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Lynne Benioff, his wife, bought Time magazine for $190 million, the latest move in a series of tech billionaires buying out media companies. Time and money will no longer be spent on podcasts by BuzzFeed; the company is shifting ressources toward creating original shows instead. An intriguing story came up this week, about how freelancers are getting paid in a few media companies: they were asked to pay a fee to receive their money faster. Speaking of freelancers, The Outline will apparently only work with them after all the staff writers were let go earlier this month.

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Email is the product: Insights from Axios, theSkimm, and Quartz

At this year’s ONA conference, Eva Scazzero, product manager at Quartz; Dheerja Kaur, head of product and design at theSkimm; and Roy Schwartz, co-founder and president at Axios took to the stage to discuss email as a driver of innovation and loyalty (yes, Email). We gathered some of the main takeaways from the session.
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The 2019 Future Today Institute report is live!

GEN Summit 2019's keynote speaker Amy Webb, and the Future Today Institute have released their 2019 Trend Report for Journalism, Media and Tech, highlighting all major findings bound to affect the media industry over the next few months. Blockchain, mixed reality, AI, computational journalism, and more are explored in the report.
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'Cheddar, the “post-cable” news network, is making the jump to the gas pump. The company will now provide content to GSTV, which programs content to screens at more than 18,000 gas station pumps across the country.'
Alex Weprin, MediaPost

'Two months ago, we set ourselves the task of finding out what journalists across Europe needed to become more trusted, more open and more resilient. That’s why over the summer we conducted 25 interviews, visited 11 news organisations and carried out an online survey altogether covering more than 15 countries.'
Ben Whitelaw, European Journalism Centre

'How to hold platforms accountable without heavy regulation: Or, what is an “information fiduciary,” and how can it build trust?'
Nancy Watzman, Trust, Media & Democracy

'Most of us may be sensitive to questionable sponcon online, but offline, we tend to be immune to (or willfully ignorant of) the ways in which brands and celebrities are already deeply entangled.'
Katie Notopoulos, Columbia Journalism Review

How to buy into journalism’s blockchain future (in only 44 steps)
John Keefe, Nieman Journalism Lab
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